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Who Are We

One Step Viral is a social media publisher network.







Our Mission

We will spread high-quality content all around the world.







What We Do

We work with social media publishers to provide
them high-quality content that their audience love.






Our history

One Step Viral is founded on 14th March 2018.

We initially started services for few Facebook publishers
then the number of publishers got increased
and we are continuing different services till yet.

One Step Viral founder Abdul Samad, he faced
many obstacles to building this network
since 2012 to right now.

We are willing to establish more platforms for social media publishers.




6-D Process

1. Discover

We discover the most engaging content and filter them with certain patterns.

2. Define

We define the new fresh topics to get the best results for the audience

3. Design

We make strategies to represent the best of the content
with the best user interface design

4. Develop

We develop the best user environment for the viewer
and we update them often

5. Deploy

We deploy many tools and platforms at the back end of the network

6. Deliver

We deliver high-quality content with advanced user experience

Why choose us?

Best Publisher Platforms

  1. Responsive websites
  2. Google AMP websites
  3. Facebook instant articles
  4. Facebook in-stream ads (Ad breaks)




24×7 Live Support

  1. Live Chat
  2. Contact Form
  3. Facebook Page






Result Oriented Projects

  1. Catoic – Facebook articles and video articles.
  2. Viral CMS – Old network portal, video articles, Pinterest articles.
  3. Incredible Nat – Facebook articles.
  4. Trending Fox – Pinterest articles, news articles
  5. SM Web – Pinterest articles.
  6. Global M News – Pinterest articles.
  7. Dew Info Tech – Pinterest articles.
  8. iSocial – Pinterest articles
  9. iFun – Pinterest articles
  10. iLife – Pinterest articles
  11. Pet Lover – Facebook videos

Support Team

  1. Abdul Samad
  2. Zia Uddin



Best Publisher Solutions

  1. Accurate tracking of viewers
  2. Accurate tracking of each source
  3. User experience enhancement
  4. In-depth analysis and decisions
  5. Automatic service delivery




Experienced Professionals

  1. Abdul Samad
  2. Zia Uddin
  3. Azfar Saad
  4. Wahaj Ali




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